Aurabeat AG Plus
Silver Ion Plasma Sterilization Air Purifier

AuraBeat technology increases the filtration efficiency of an air filter by up to 50% without increasing the pressure drop of the filter.

When used in air purifier, our technology can reduce the purifier size and increase its clean air delivery rate.

AuraBeat’s uniqueness :

  • Can be combined with and enhance the efficiency of most available air filters
  • Increase their filtration efficiency without increasing its pressure drop
  • Reduce energy and material costs
  • Customizable size, retrofit-able to filtration system and air purifier

AuraBeat expect the air filtration industry will gradually be upgraded with AuraBeat technology.

The next generation of air filtration.

Why Aurabeat AG Plus?

Research shows that silver ions can destroy more than 99.9% of coronaviruses in 5 minutes. It has been widely used in medical applications. Effective coverage 500sq.ft. It is enough to protect ordinary homes, offices, classrooms, shops, etc. and greatly reduces the risk of virus transmission via air.

Most air purifiers on the market can only physically block bacteria and viruses on the surface of their filters. If the filter cannot destroy the viruses, they can survive on the filters for a long time. When the filter is fully loaded, dust particles and viruses on the filter surface will re-enter the air. Replacing or cleaning the filter will also disturb the accumulated viruses, causing them to re-enter the air and putting your home at risk of infection.


According to actual experimental test result using Human Coronavirus by renowned USA biochemical laboratory, MicroChemLab, Aurabeat Silver Ion Technology can effectively eliminate Human Coronavirus in a short notice. Tests and certifications acquired

Strong Air Volume and Efficient Purification

Motor from Japan, 79 peices of blades

Parrot spiral air duct design

Let air enter the machine more smoothly