E-SUN Medical UV Air Purifier

The medical grade air purifiers developed by E-SUN, are the most popular air purification solutions in the medical industry in Taiwan. The E-SUN air purification technology can reach the air quality level of clean room and operation room’s requirements.

E-SUN medical grade air purifier is the first GMP certification of Medical device receiver from Ministry of Health and Welfare in Taiwan. More than 3,500 hospital clinics have E-SUN air purifier nowadays.

Large circulation airflow design:

360 degree air circulation design will be clean air sent to every corner of the space, natural air pressure to be processed back to the outlet, clean air will not be purifier and then inhaled.

Medical grade safety specifications design, power saving, quiet, durable:

The use of high-specification explosion-proof power plug, overload insurance devices, such as automatic power-off system, anti-dumping device, often security for a long time safe use. Equipped with BLDC smart DC energy-saving brushless motor fan, six high-speed wind speed, high energy saving, low noise.

Accumulated timer function, accurate maintenance, supplies replacement time:

When the new machine starts working, the timer will start to accumulate the usage time. This timer cannot be re-used (it will return to zero after 99,999 hours). Besides knowing the cumulative usage time of the decontamination machine, it is the best time basis for maintenance and replacement of consumables.

Six Powerful Filter Air Purification Program