Health Pro
Mobile Negative Pressure
Isolation Ward Model V1

Wall Panel


65mm Thickness Highly integrated prefabrication (embeddable electrical pipeline and concealed air duct), rapid assembly without structural, heat preservation and insulation, unique fire resistant performance, moisture proof and waterproof, sound insulation, easy cleaning and scrubbing resistance, stable and firm color.

Magnesium oxide and other composite substrate, surface paste galvanized sheet baking process, single panel and double sided panel can be selected, double sided panel thick transmission can be customized (sound insulation), length and width range can be customized (no need to cut and splice on site), color diversity (provide any color plate proofing and color fixing according to customers).

For the whole ward it has high requirements on the sealing performance of the building and structure. So the main body of the structure should be anti-seepage, leak-proof and closed.

Hospital Bed, Air Sealed, LED Flat Lighting & T.V.

Air Sealed
LED Flat Lighting

Hospital Bed

Wall mounted
multimovement T.V.

Swing Door & Polarized Glass Window

Swing Door

Polarized Glass

Smoke Detector

Trunking & Penlon Gas Terminal Unit

  • The imported aluminum profile structure is provided with arc transition streamline at the top and bottom of the external shape, with a wall thickness of 2.5mm; it has its own lighting fixture.
  • The inner part is divided into three independent compartments, i.e. strong current, weak current and pipeline, which meet the requirements of the international safety standard for the separation of air source and power supply.
  • UK B.S. standard Pneumatech Gas Terminal Unit

IP300 Nurse Call System

IP300 Nurse Call System Host

Nurse Call

Emergency Call

Nurse Call

Three Way Interlock Pass Through Cabinet

Three-way interlock Airtight sterilization pass through window (protective clothing bucket at the bottom)
Upper mounted air conditioner host (external) start after closing the door.
After twenty seconds, patient on the other side can get the disinfected items.

Folding Table & Folding Working Table