Health Pro
Mobile Negative Pressure
Isolation Ward Model V1


  • All in one plug and play design centralized place in open area each ward
    independent operating ,real isolation completely effectively control cross infection
  • Removable to anywhere by 20 feet container truck
  • Separate preparation room patient room with toilet and shower, wall mounted TV
  • Two interlock double automatic sliding doors with touchless door switch
  • Pre set negative pressure 15 pa at patient room, 5 pa at preparation room with
    digital differential pressure gauge
  • Air condition
  • Medical gases Oxygen (terminal unit with hose only) compress air pump vacuum pump
  • Nurse call system
  • H 14 grade and Silver Ion HEPA filter for ultra clean air outlet air exhaust (with UVC sterilizer)
  • 3 way interlock pass through cabinet for preparation room patient room – outside

Sketch of Mobile Negative Isolation Ward

Construction & Transportation

It only takes 2 3 weeks to complete the production and prefabricated panels in the factory before shipping to the destination. The installation and commissioning of mobile negative isolation ward will be completed at site one off only. The most important thing is that it can operate immediately without affecting the original operation of the hospital and be transported to anywhere if needed by the container truck. It can be easily moved to the warehouse for storage during the idle time. In this way, it can save a lot of costs of building and the space of transforming the original ward of the hospital.

Design Requirements

  • Function of Negative Pressure Isolation Ward

    • To control the source and spreading of pollution, to maintain different air pressures between adjacent areas (forming directional airflow), to keep airflow control (controlling both internal airflow distribution and direction, and requiring prompt capture of pollutants) as well as to control the temperature and humidity (reducing the amount of harmful pathogens generated to patients and providing protection to medical personnel), to establish effective ventilation system (allowing outward flow of supply air first and to produce greater dilution effect) and drainage (removing the contaminated air).
    • The balanced pressure distribution guarantees an organized flow of
      directional airflow from the outside to the preparation room & from the
      preparation room to ward.

Airflow Model Requirements

a. Indoor fresh air ventilation exchange 12 times per hour

b. Indoor negative pressure in isolation ward 15Pa, negative pressure in patient toilet 15Pa, pressure distribution difference in preparation room is 5Pa

c. Airflow distribution for effective ventilation and blowdown

Air distribution in isolation ward

The double layer louver wind is used to ensure that the establishment of an indoor directional flow from the medical staff’s working area to the patient room There is no backflow area, which fully meets the air flow model requirements for the isolation ward raised by the World Health Organization

Airflow Control Diagram

Airflow Control

Both patient room and preparation room use the negative air pressure system The system will automatically adjust the air pressure between two rooms. The air pressure in the patient room is lower than in the preparation room. And the air pressure in the preparation room is lower than that at the outdoor. As the air flows from high pressure area to low pressure area it can control the air flows into the ward in one way.

The negative pressure ward has a double door design. Two doors connecting the ward and outside cannot be opened at the same time. This method can ensure the air will not leak and maintain the room in negative air pressure.

Automatic Door

The  negative pressure ward has an interlock double sliding door design. Two doors connecting the ward and cannot be open at the same time. This design can ensure the air will not leak and maintain the room in negative air pressure.
As our high standard isolation ward, there is front door which will open through a touchless switch. After the front door is opened, you will enter the preparation room. The preparation room will maintain the negative air pressure with the outside space When walking into the preparation room, we should wait for the front door to close before opening the patient room door.
In other words, every time (when door is opened) there will be negative air pressure control. Dirty air in the ward will not flow out (without processed)


The light weight, noise proof, rust proof, insulated and never deformed aluminum alloy doors are made of molded aluminum interlayer enforced with electrostatic powder print on front and rear door panels. The characteristic of light weighted less than one third of the typical automatic doors helps to reduce operating motor loading, thus enhance a longer motor life.
To achieve excellent air seal effect to the door, the 4 door edges are mounted with aluminum alloy rail and durable PVC sealing strip.
To provide a reliable performance of the motor, the circuit board and power supply system are made in Japan.
Standard configuration: 2 touchless switches, 1 microware sensor and 1 set of electronic anti collision safety eye


  • The design of this standard isolation ward is based on the size of 20 feet container box, small but functional.
  • There is a hospital bed, wall mounted locker, nurse call system and oxygen equipment, etc. There are TV, USB port, private shower room, washroom and so on.
  • The ward can meet the purpose of standard medical use and patients’ daily life needs There are also ways to supplement and replace resources.
  • UV disinfection transfer box is placed in the preparation room. It allows people outside to put food or clothing insides. Disinfection will start after closing the door After twenty seconds, patient on the other side can get the disinfected items