Health Pro Multi-functional Isolation Ward

Function of Isolation Ward

To control the source of pollution and its spread, to maintain different air pressures between adjacent areas (forming directional airflow), to keep airflow control (controlling both internal airflow distribution and direction, and requiring prompt capture of pollutants) as well as to control the temperature and humidity (reducing the amount of harmful pathogens generated to patients and providing protection to medical personnel), to establish effective ventilation system (allowing outward flow of supply air first and to produce greater dilution effect) and drainage (removing the contaminated air).

The balanced pressure distribution guarantees an organized flow of directional airflow from the other area of hospital to the room.

Consultation to build an Isolation Ward

We have comprehensive knowledge and wide range of medical equipments to help you build an Isolation Ward. The following processes will be detailedly planned during the establishing process.

  1. Design Requirements

  2. The Process of Control

  3. Air Conditioning

  4. Structure

  5. Safety of water drainage

  6. Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning

  7. Electrical and Intellectualization

  8. Medical Gases

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