Health Pro Operating Theatre Solutions

Health Pro Operating Theatre Solutions

HealthPro offers complete solutions for Operating Theatre and intensive care units. HealthPro is also a manufacture for Autopsy equipments for international market. HealthPro is strictly focused on the best possible treatment of patients and the greatest possible working comfort for the Health Care team.

The foundation for this is the HealthPro product portfolio, which sets forward-looking gold standards with regard to quality, reliability, innovation and service.

Quality Commitment
The products manufactured by HealthPro have consistent quality control throughout.
Our sales support team is here to assist you during the entire sales process. We see quality as most important thing, as well as customer service.

Introduce the latest international clinical hygiene concept.
Offering high quality products.
Providing timely and reliable customer services.

Structural Steel Frame & Wall Panel

100X56 structural I-beams are used to form High Loadbearing framework for the prefabricated composite Operating Theatre’s external structure. The wall panels and the arching ceiling panels are fabricated to meet actual site situation from 1.5mm first-class electrolyzed steel plate. Beneath every wall panel, a lining board is appended in order to enhance its ability against collision with thermal and sound insulation. All wall panels and appended elements are factory prefabricated and delivered to the site directly for installation without delay. Precise technology as well as excellent workmanship guarantees the product quality.

Ultra Clean Ceiling

The operating theatre (O.T.) is a micro-hygienic environment that eliminates all suspended particle and microorganism in the air throughout by means of air purification.

The key to preventing patients from infection during operations lies in the design of sterilized air conditioning system and the supply airflow pattern. When the cleanness of the air around the operation table is assured, patients will unlikely be infected in operation.

The supply air goes through two filters and is adjusted by the temperature/humidity controller, then passes the HEPA filter to the ceiling diffuser. The HEPA filter achieves 99.999% filtering efficiency for 0.3 particles, meeting the design requirement of 100% clean air into the O.T. room.

Different types of air supply ceilings meets different operational requirements that provide clean, steady, mild air flow. The entire room will be in a shield of hygienic air. The air plenum boxes are designed in accordance with the actual size and shape of different O.T. room. Special membrane type damping-layer is used to effectively control the air flow above the operation table at an even and steady speed. As such, the cleanness of the supply air is guaranteed, and the medical staff will not be uncomforted by the high speed breeze.

Handrail/Wall Guard

To best protect from impact, Wall Guards are to be installed on walls 10 cm to 15 cm or 80 cm to 90 cm above floor.
There are 22 colors for the Wall Guard including wood colors which can be matched with Handrails, Corner Guards and Kickplates to create a perfect environment.
To support patients walking, Handrail is designed using the technology of PVC extrusion which has the characteristic of fire resistant, antibacterial, anti-erode, elegant appearance and wall protection.

Automatic Door

Medical Pendant

Medical Scrub Basins