Health Pro
Mobile Negative Pressure
Isolation Ward Model V1


Wall Panel


Water Heater

Air Handling Unit

Air Compressor

Exhaust Fan

Air Outlet X 2

Air Exhaust Outlet X 3

Air Pressure Balance Relief Valve X2

Air Sealed Automatic Sliding Door X 2


Air Sealed Manual Swing Door X 3

Pass Through Cabinet


Polarized Glass Window

Bedhead Trunking



Wall Mounted Storage Cabinet/Folding Table/Folding working table


Wall Mounted TV

Room light X 5

Smoke Detector X 2





Working Flow Volume


Power Consumption

65mm thickness panel, double surface galvanized steel panel, sound, heat & class A1 fire resistance

Water heater 60 Liter tank

2 X 1.5 HP air condition , Flow volume 600-800m3/ hr

Pressure 0~100 psi, flow≥25L/min@50 psi

Flow volume: 800-1000 m 3 /h

Size 400 X 300mm ,H14 grade silver Ion HEPA filter

Size 400 X 300mm ,H14 grade silver Ion HEPA filter , UVC sterilizer

Size 320 X 110 mm ,304 grade stainless steel body

Size:1100x2000x50mm with 300x300mm observation window , infrared safety switch , 2x touchless door switch

Size:700x2000x50mm with 200x200mm observation window

Size:400X600X500mm , 304 grade stainless steel body, 3 way electric interlock door, UVC sterilizer

Size:800X1200mm ,electric polarized glass window , remote control

1.2 meter long aluminium alloy bedhead trunking Oxygen, Compressor Air 4, Vacuum medical gas outlet x1
Nurse call for patient x1 with toilet emergency call
X 2 , Electric socket x4
Room light & Reading light with ON/OFF switch

Size: 900x500x400 ,Flip cover ≤80°,electric lock , Lighting/Table , Size:400×300 , folding type for patient use/Working table , Size:900x600x750mm ,folding type for staff use

26” Flat HD TV with multi movement arm

Size:300 X 300mm ,air sealed flat LED lamp tray

2 detector in preparation room & patient room, Power: battery DC 3.6V, Alarm sound: 85db, Alarm signal transmission: mobile App

Accessibility facilities toilet, Press button type and drawstring type emergency nurse call , infrared water tap. Stainless Steel hand basin X 2 (size ;500 X 400mm), shower , hand dryer

2.0mm Thickness PVC homogeneous vinyl sheet with welding rod

Preparation room: in air 200 m 3/ Hr ,exhaust air 300 m 3 Hr , air pressure 5 Pa
Patient room:in air 600 m 3 Hr , exhaust air 1000 m 3 Hr , air pressure: 15Pa. Air exchange frequency: 12 times/Hr

220V / 42A, 4000W